• How long are the consultations? Open or Close

    Initial consultations are booked in for 30-60 minutes depending on the complexity of your injury. Follow up consultations are booked in for 30 minutes. The frequency of your appointments will depend on a number of things, such as how far away you live, whether you have a splint or wound that needs reviewing, your injury, and how well you are progressing.

  • My doctor says my therapy is covered by Medicare. Is this true? Open or Close

    Yes and no. Medicare provides a rebate on therapy costs only if your doctor has placed you on a Chronic Disease Management Plan (also known as the EPC, Extended Care Plan). These plans are provided to people who have a complex injury, or a chronic injury that may last for more than six months. To find out if you are eligible, you need to talk to your doctor as they make the final decision. Once you are on the plan, you need to pay upfront for your consult with us, and then you may go to Medicare and claim a rebate for your therapy consult fee (for up to five consultations in a calendar year).

  • I am in a private healthcare fund. Can I claim with them? Open or Close

    Yes, we are registered with the health funds under Occupational Therapy for consultations and splints/casts. The level of rebate you get back will depend on your level of cover. Some funds reimburse for splints and casts, whilst others do not, so please check with your fund or talk to us if you have any concerns.

    We have HICAPS facilities in our rooms, so you can claim for your consultation on the spot by presenting your health fund card.

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  • My surgeon told me to come after surgery. Is this really necessary? Open or Close

    We think so. At Riverina Hand Therapy we can enhance the success of your surgery by providing advice on using your hand, protecting your surgery with splinting or casting as directed by your surgeon, and help with managing your wound care.  We work with you on post operative programs that are specific to your surgery, such as wrist fractures that have been plated, and lessen scar adhesions which can often restrict your movement if not managed. We know how the tissues respond to our programs. The local surgeons refer to us for their post operative care so you can get the best outcome following surgery. The best time to come after surgery is commonly between day three and day seven following your operation so you can avoid complications from swelling, stiffness and scarring.

  • Do I need a referral? Open or Close

    You only need a referral if you are funded under Workcover, The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), or you are on a Management Plan such as the Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your doctor. Patients who want to refer themselves are welcome to do so.

  • I have a painful wrist, how can you help? Open or Close

    Our team are trained to asses and treat a variety of wrist conditions, such as tendonitis, ligament injuries, instability and weakness. Many people come to us with painful wrists, and it is one of the things we love to assess and treat. We have a rehabilitation program to retrain the ligaments and muscles in your wrist for more strength and support. We can also show you ways to relieve your pain, such as taping or splinting.

  • I have a scar on my face. Can you help with that? Open or Close

    Indeed we can. We can offer advice about how scars heal, and how to manage them. This includes teaching you how to massage your scar to soften the tissue. We provide silicone, which helps to reduce scarring on any body part, including the face and also for women who have had c-sections during childbirth.

  • What does it cost to attend an appointment? Open or Close

    The following costs apply for our consultations:

    We charge $155 for our initial consultations. 

    Petite consultation:  $95
    Standard consultation (over 35 minutes): $145

    If you are receiving an aged or disability pension, we offer a 10% discount on all consultation fees.  

    If you require items during your consultation, such as take home wound dressings, splints and casts, exercise equipment or scar products, these are charged on top of your consultation fees.  Some of our common items are listed here as a guide:

    Thermoplastic wrist splint:   $80.00

    Thermoplastic finger splint:   $25.00 - $40.00

    Thermoplastic hand splint:   $65.00

    Waterproof cast:   $75.00

    Standard arm cast:   $40.00

    Silicon gel sheeting - scars (quarter/full):   $25.00 - $100.00

    Theraputty:   $19.00